PDX Tango is pleased to welcome Cecilia ad Ricardo to Portland, Ore. in August 2016. They will be performing at milongas, teaching workshops, and offering private lessons.

Private lessons are available with either instructor for $100 per hour or both for $160 per hour. Submit a request to schedule a lesson with this handy button:

Cecilia and Ricardo are great dancers and teachers who have been working together for the past year in several events in Argentina and Europe. 

Their profound knowledge of technique, plus their unique styles on their own make of this couple an interesting match.

C E C I L I A  P I C C I N N I 

Cecilia Piccinni started to dance ballet when she was a child. In her teens, she studied drama theatre as well. Nearing the end of this artistic adolescence, she started tango. For a couple of years, she was performing and training in her city, while in the meantime she was finishing her degree in Foreign Trade at the University and working in a multinational company.

In 2003, she decided to make a change in her life, becoming a full time milonguera. 

She also studied contemporary dance, contact improvisation, folk, jazz, etc. She's nowadays focused on Ashtanga Yoga.

Cecilia has performed in most well known milongas in Buenos Aires and has been a resident teacher of the well known Tango Brujo school.

She has also worked in many festivals around the world such as

  • Tangoweeks Vienna 2009/2013
  • Narcotango Bucharest 2009
  • El Puente Krakow 2009/10
  • F.I.T.A. Paris 2010
  • Istanbul 2010
  • Tango Apasionado London 2011
  • Tango Safari Berlin 2010 and Arezzo 2016
  • Beirut International 2011
  • Festival Internacional de Lisboa 2012
  • Anivertango Timisoara 2012
  • Tango Fest Dresden 2013
  • Tonhalle Düsseldorf 2013,
  • ango de Soie Lyon 2013
  • Copenhagen 2013
  • Wawel Krakow 2013
  • Milonga El Garrón Paris 2013
  • Mediterranean Summer Porec 2013
  •  Festivalito del Corazón Malmø 2013
  • Tango Cazino Cluj 2014
  • Winter Tango Napoli 2014, etc

She was also invited as honor guest by the Argentinian embassy in Moscow for El Huracan Tango Marathon.

Her first tour in the US was in 2011, participating in Baltimore Tango Festival.

In 2015 she was invited to San Diego Tango Festival, Fire & Ice Tango Festival Ann Arbor and Valentango Portland. She also gave workshops in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

In the last few months, she's been very active in Buenos Aires teaching at La Maleva and performing in different events, including CITA 2016. She's currently touring in Europe.

R I C A R D O  B I G G E R I

Ricardo is a well known teacher and dancer, not only in tango but also in swing dance. He's very well respected by many colleagues.

As a teacher, he has worked in many schools and milongas in Buenos Aires: La Viruta, Tango Brujo, La Maleva, Viva la Pepa, La Bicicleta, La Propuesta, etc.

He participated in festivals in Argentina such as Festival Tango Joven en Mendoza, Cordoba y Buenos Aires, Festival Internacional De Tango De La Plata, CITA (Congreso Internacional De Tango Argentino), Yeite Tango Festival, LHAIF Lindy Hop Argentina International Festival

He performed in many Milongas in Buenos Aires: La Viruta, Salon Canning,Viva La Pepa, El Motivo, Tango Cool, El Esquinazo, Milonga10, Cochabamba 444, Cafe Spell, Practica X, La Catedral, Milonga Del Moran, La Maria, TangoLab, Milonga Del Lola Mora, Milonguita De Los Miercoles, Divertango, Casa Brandon

International experience:

  • 2006/2007/2008 International Tango Festival Montreal (Canada)
  • 2008 Samara (Russia)
  • 2008 Istanbul Tango Week (Turkey)
  • 2009 Tango Magia Festival (Netherlands)
  • 2010 Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), Milan (Italy) 2010 Gloria Tango Fest, Antalya (Turkey) 2011 Antwerp (Belgium), Bucarest (Romania) 2012 Antwerp (Belgium), Montpellier (France), London (England)
  • 2013 Warsaw Tango Week (Poland) 2013 Milan (Italy), Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway)
  • 2013 ESDC European Swing Dance Championship