What is Jedi Training?

Jedi Training is tango learning program that develops technical skill, advanced fundamentals and artistry. Our goal is to inspire dancers to draw out their spontaneity and self-expression while raising the bar on technique.

Tango has made an epic expansion over the past decade. This presents new opportunities as well as new challenges. As a proponent of up-to-date technique and creative individuality, our hope is to build a movement across America that encourages experienced dancers to take their tango to a higher level. 

Jedi Training is designed for experienced dancers who want to continue their study of tango. Oftentimes one's only option for intensive training is going to Buenos Aires, taking isolated workshops from the myriad of touring instructors, or following maestros from festival to festival. Jedi Training, allows more advanced tango learners to study locally and regularly.

Jedi Training requires at least 2+ years of study and/or social tango experience, familiarity with the fundamentals of Argentine tango, as well as a certain degree of physical preparedness. It should be approached as one would a dance class. Be ready to dance, work hard, break a sweat, and enjoy doing it!

Jedi Training focuses predominantly on technique, musicality, conceptual work, theory, philosophy, and the subtleties of Argentine tango.

May the Force be with you.

- Dominic Bridge